Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


 Don't wast time on people promising you 6 figure incomes replacing your 9 to 5 because in reality it takes time and work to reach that its not something instant. All I can help you out with is getting commissions cause what the head Affiliates leave out is you have to be great at running ads and they dont mention what they spent on their ads to reach that 6 figure income. They leave out lots of key tricks they use like hiring a number of different freelancers for multiple tasks and once you get to the range of being able to do that then hitting 6 figures is no problem but you have to understand that you have to keep reinvesting what you make to scale your business if you have an ad that brings you $5 for every $1 you spend you have to put $3 or $4 back into the ad and keep raising it as you go first tip their is no such thing as an ad budget besides what you start out with you sink more and more and make more and more if you have a set ad budget your company will never scale it will only make what you put in it so if you put $1000 a month and your add brings $5000 but you dont sink $2000 next month then youll always only make $5000 but anyways lets get you the knowledge you need first to make your first sales and then worry bout scaling up you gotta crawl before you walk

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